Peer-reviewed Publications

[6] Informational Lobbying and Commercial Diplomacy
American Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming.

[5] Stakeholder Cues, National Origin, and Public Opinion Towards Firms: Evidence in the Context of the First Bank in an American Indian Nation (with D.L. Feir and Rachel L. Wellhausen)
Business and Politics, Forthcoming.

[4] Global Value Chains as a Constraint on Sovereignty: Evidence from Investor-State Dispute Settlement (with Carolina Moehlecke and Rachel L. Wellhausen)
International Studies Quarterly, 2023, 67(1).

[3] Who’s Afraid of Sunlight? Explaining Opposition to Transparency in Economic Development (with Nathan M. Jensen)
Business and Politics, 2021, 23(4): 471-494.

[2] Public-Private Initiatives and Corporate Responses to Stakeholder Complaints
International Organization, 2021, 75(3): 803-836.

[1] Judicial Economy and Moving Bars in International Investment Arbitration (with Leslie Johns and Rachel L. Wellhausen)
Review of International Organizations, 2020, 15(3): 923-945.

Other Publications

[1] Ownership and Trust in Banks: Evidence from the First Bank in an American Indian Nation (with D.L. Feir and Rachel L. Wellhausen)
American Economic Association: Papers and Proceedings, 2021, 111: 227-232.

Working Papers

Exporting Capital, Importing Law (with Nikhil Kalyanpur)
Previously (briefly) titled “The Oligarch’s Offshore Dilemma.” Under Review.

Spillover Effects in International Law: Evidence from Tax Planning
David A. Lake Award for best paper presented at IPES 2020. Under Review.

Does Transparency Improve Public Policy? Evidence from a Tax Incentive Transparency Initiative (with Nathan M. Jensen)

Works in Progress

Piecemeal Diplomacy: Globalization, Interest Groups, and the Atomization of Foreign Policy (Book Project)

Diplomatic Capacity and International Cooperation (with Matt Malis)

Revolving Door Diplomats (with David Lindsey and Matt Malis)

Treaty Diplomacy and the Global Firm

Transparency Shocks and Private Governance in Offshore Finance (with Daniel Berliner and Nikhil Kalyanpur)

Public or Private? Demand Shocks and the Market for Climate Experts (with Noah Zucker)

Measuring Academic Prestige (with Anne Meng)